| Kerrnow Kicking Tee |

| Kerrnow Kicking Tee |

Make sure your kicking is truly accurate with a tee from Kerrnow Kicking Tees, Cornwall..

These tees are used by international, professional and amateur players, who rely on their tee for accurate kicking.

Our range of Tees, are reasonably priced, durable and the base is weighted for stability in all conditions.

A quality and highly respected product

Manufactured  by Kerrnow Concepts.

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Rugby Kicking Tee

The MK-1A is used by international, professional and amateur players who rely on their tee..


Telescopic Kicking Tee

Telescopic Kicking Tee with the specially designed top collar.This kicking tee can support a ba..


Puntee Tee Irish Football

This tee has been designed for the game of Gaelic Football.The Puntee has a flex..


Adjustable Kicking Tee

Adjustable Tee with a specially designed flexible top collar producing enhanced grip, the ball ..


Kicking Tee

Tee with a specially designed flexible top collar this tee can support the ball at any angle fr..