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The Original Adjustable Kerrnow Kicking Tee.

The Kerrnow kicking tee was designed and developed deep in the heart of the West Country in the UK by Kerrnow Concepts where to this day it is still being manufactured using top quality materials. This 3-tier tee has the capabilities to support a rugby ball at any angle between 90 degrees and 20 degrees, using the seam of the ball for alignment, (this applies to the MK1A and MK2A) plus the height can be adjusted between 70mm and 130mm. Since the year of 2002 the tee has been used and is still being used by some of the world’s most prolific goal kickers in both codes league and union. It would not be civil of me to say that if you purchase this tee you well become the next Owen Farrell or Gareth Steenson etc. That part of the equation is down to you and the amount of time you are prepared donate into practising your goal kicking to bring your percentages up. However, the Kerrnow Kicking Tee is so versatile it will offer you your preferred sweet spot with ease and will serve you well if it is maintained properly.

Thank you for your purchase, here are some hints and tips on how to use and look after your tee.

Never extend the tee’s height beyond your kicking ability's. If the tee is extended to high it can separate on impacted but can be reassembled through the top of the base (ONLY). Never, ever, ever, ever pull on the inner circle of the bottom of the base at any time.


Always keep the tee as clean as possible, Mr Sheen furniture polish is highly recommended. Wipe all surfaces inside and out except the contact area where the ball sits. If polish is applied to this area the ball will lose its stability and have a tendency to slide out of position.

This situation can be amended by wiping the area lightly with a fine piece of sand paper.


How to extend the tee: Hold the tee’s base from the outside circle in one hand and insert your four fingers of your other hand down the top of the tee to locate the bar (marked pull) and simple pull evenly to your desired height.


How to retracted the tee: Place the tee between your palms and push evenly.

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